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Apartment renovation

Due to the poor quality of construction, the useful life of buildings in our country is low. This has led to a very good boom in apartment renovations. The useful life of buildings in developed countries is said to be 100 years.

But in Iran, on average, this figure drops from 20 to 30 years, and this causes the owners to try to renovate the building as time goes by and if they ignore this problem, they will face various problems such as clogged pipes. is. To try your hand.

But the point here is that for a dilapidated property to be habitable, it needs to be completely renovated.The cost of the renovation varies depending on the changes to the partition walls and the relocation of the bathroom and the materials used.

Apartment renovation


The renovation of the apartment is carried out for several purposes. Sometimes the life of the building is not long, but the owner is interested in making changes to the kitchen and furniture or ceramic tiles and paints. Sometimes the renovation is due to damage that has occurred or Prompt action should be taken to prevent these failures in the plumbing and in various parts of the building.

In other words, after a few years of construction life of any building, it is necessary to consider important points to prevent the occurrence of any accident that causes the destruction of a part of it. The cost of the apartment renovation after reviewing and observing for yourself and according to the needs and time Sufficient to renovate the designated apartment and the cost of the apartment renovation depends on such things as the lead time of the materials and the type of work and conditions.

Since the cost of renovating an apartment or housing unit is much cheaper than demolishing and renovating the entire building, so for a nice interior decoration and extension of rooms, kitchen or change of the building's appearance it is the best method and idea; Renovate your apartment.

The renovation of your old and dilapidated apartment will do it even at the lowest cost, and giving new splendor and luxury to the outside or inside, as well as increasing its beauty, will also affect its purchase and sale price.


The cost of renovating the building

After 6 weeks the apartment started to take shape. All garbage and debris was drained from the building and the new bathroom and kitchen walls removed, we removed the old wooden shelves from the building, we replaced the old, worn bathroom and toilet plumbing with new ones , the floor AND the walls of the bathroom became waterproof and waterproof, and we transformed the relatively large balcony, which was facing the cost of the apartment renovation, into a small studio.

Before you start renovating your apartment, take some time to plan and think about what you need and like based on your tastes and mood. The more precise and calculated your plan is, the closer you will be to your dream home at the end of the job and the further away you will be from working again and regretting at the end of the job.

"Renovation and renovation of apartments" are often referred to as construction projects that modify the structure of existing houses.

Check the cost of renovating the building

In our opinion, as the apartment renovation process is a special operation which is a bit demanding for the family and which in turn has its own dust and disturbance for the neighbors, it is best to do whatever you want in the cost operation. should be seen and avoiding extra expensive work, we should try to repair and refurbish wherever it needs to be renovated so that we don't have to undergo a new refurb in a year or two.

Sometimes it comes to major repairs and the need to renovate the apartment and renovate it makes itself felt. However, the cost of renovation is not limited to old buildings and sometimes we have to radically change the living space and decoration of our home or shop and the interior decoration of our workplace, and even the interior layout of spaces by removing a wall or partition, changing the ceiling and floor, lighting, etc. they will take on a new aspect or even its use will change at the expense of the renovation of the apartment.

Check the cost of renovating the building

There is also the question of the cost of rebuilding the apartment. Sometimes the owner of the apartment may want to live a long time. In this situation, he probably would have to look at him from different aspects to renovate his apartment. Some expenses like since the repair of pipes and cooling and heating equipment is essential, but some costs can be reduced.

For example, instead of choosing grade 1 stones and tiles, grade 2 materials can also be used, but only if they have the necessary quality and beauty, and the reconstruction of your apartment will be as beautiful as possible.

In other words, after a few years of construction life of any building, it is necessary to consider important points to prevent the occurrence of any accident that provokes the destruction of a part of it.Therefore, in this article, the principles of apartment reconstruction o review of apartment renovation costs are discussed the reading methods we read below.

If the design is strong and appropriate for the space, you just need quality materials and an experienced building reconstruction team to make your building beautiful. The proportion of colors, the useful use of space, considering the sufficient space for the wardrobes are also important conditions for the realization a cost plan The renovation of the apartment was successful.

The cost of renovating an apartment in Tehran

The cost of the renovation varies depending on the changes to the partition walls and the transfer of the bathroom and the materials used, to estimate the cost it is advisable to contact experts in apartment renovation.

The first step is to remove all the elements that were agreed upon in the reconstruction of the apartment, such as removing the walls, digging all the pipes, etc. And remove the waste and constantly mix during the works, because the reconstruction requires place in old buildings, and the neighbors live. They shouldn't be a nuisance to others.

Their satisfaction is one of the main priorities of the retreading company. The next steps vary depending on the volume of the reconstruction, porcelain walls and modifications, hot and cold water pipes, sewage, electrical work, insulation, drywall, painting, cabinet installation and woodwork, etc. Water and effluent for damping, boilers, gases, radiators, valve installation and pump start-up.

The costs of renovating an apartment vary depending on which parts of the residential unit are being renovated and what materials or so-called materials are used in the renovation.

They defined three categories of cost of renovating a complete apartment with materials at the level of "superlux", "first class" and "second class" and based on the owner's choice to use each of these three modes, different rates. to announce.

The cost of renovating an apartment in Tehran

Some of the activities related to the reconstruction of old apartments and the reconstruction of the building are as follows

1- Demolition, construction, masonry, porcelain blade, building modernization, etc.

2- Renovation of the building, facade with a modern style facade as monolith facade, modern straw facade, brick brick combination with monolith facade, stone facade, composite and ...

3- Types of tiles, ceramics, kitchen services and installation of mosaics

4- Conversion of the service (Iranian toilet) into French and conversion of the toilet into an Iranian toilet - moisture removal of services, removal of wet roof with new generation insulation ...

5- Building structures such as hot water piping, package and boiler installation and water heater installation, heating system, cooling system, gas piping

6- Forging the building, welding and making the iron door, replacing the front door, anti-theft door, stair railing, railing, balcony protection, replacing the old door and window with UPVC PVC, waterproof door, door and aluminum, replacing old door with and courtyard door, building entrance door, interior door, parking door, sliding door, room door, wooden door HDF door MDF door


PVC door


1- Removal of old walls and internal modifications of the building

2- Paint the building, decorate the building and apply various decorative colors

3- Wall covering, floor, parquet, laminate, suspended ceiling, knauf, glass block

4- Building electricity, building wiring, building lighting, iPhone video, remote door, roller shutter door

Renovation of the apartment with wood

The floor of the building is usually made of stone, ceramic or laminate and parquet. Today, the use of laminate to cover the floor of residential units is widespread. Laminates are very suitable for preventing the loss of cold and heat due to the underlying insulation. Beautiful cabinets that match the color and design of the tiles are very influential in the beauty of the home.

Omid cabinets in different colors and designs are more attractive. It is also recommended to use doors with waterproof coating in the services.

Renovation of the apartment with wood

Determinants in the cost of apartment renovation:

3D map design before execution
    Demolition and transportation of construction debris
    The right of the master craftsman and construction worker
    Buy materials (choose quality and price with you)

Here are four things to look for when selecting yours. You can consult companies that specialize in building renovation and ask them for information on 3D design and quotes.

Estimated cost of apartment renovation:

In this section, we will present you the price based on the latest changes proposed by many sources:

1. The cost of changing the floor: the price of the floor depends on the materials used, ranging from 30 thousand to 200 thousand tomans per meter.

2. The cost of changing the wall covering: The price of the wall covering depends on the materials used, ranging from 30 thousand to 120 thousand tomans per meter.

3. Wallpaper: the price of wallpaper depends on the brand to be used, ranging from 30 thousand to 300 thousand tomans.

4. Painting: the price of painting ranges from 6 thousand to 8 thousand tomans per meter.

5. False ceiling: the price of a false ceiling depends on the materials used, ranging from 40 thousand to 100 thousand tomans per meter.

6. Lighting: the price of lighting depends on the type of execution, which also varies in cost.

7. Replacement of doors and windows: The price of doors and windows depends on the brand used by people, ranging from 200 thousand to 500 thousand tomans per meter.

8. Design of cabinets and shelves: the price of the design in this section depends on the materials that can be used, ranging from 150 thousand to 300 thousand meters.

9. Cabinet replacement: The replacement price depends on the materials that can be used in this section, ranging from 550 thousand to 2 million meters.

10. Replacing the toilet and sink: the price of this product depends on the brand used by people, ranging from 100,000 to 800,000 tomans.

11. Replacement of valves: the price of this product depends on the material and the brand because the prices are different.

12. Indoor installations: The price of this section depends on the type of piping system and its structures and its price is also variable.

It should be noted that the average of high prices is calculated. It can be said that the cost in this sense largely depends on the quality of the product and the high or low wages of the workforce.

Why is there a need to renovate the apartment?

Renovation or reconstruction of an apartment in a complex refers to activities that lead to changes in the appearance and appearance of the apartment in part or totally, and the purpose of doing so is usually due to the deterioration of the apartment (apartment) or general changes in it. Renovating an apartment is usually less than building a new apartment or buying a new model.

Given the quality of the materials used in the apartment and the useful life of each apartment, it is necessary that the apartment is worn out after a while and there is a need to renovate the apartment because the apartment after its useful life is highly vulnerable to factors such as earthquakes.

Another necessity for renovating the apartment is the appearance of the apartment.

Renovation of the apartment for repairs or beauty?

It is very important to renovate the building to obtain a habitable house or simply to have a house with new furniture. If your answer is that you have decided to renovate the building for repairs, everything is different. Indeed, it is necessary to determine which parts need major repairs.

    Are the walls and ceiling in your home damp and damp?
    Do you have a plan to change the water and electricity?
    Do you need to change internal components such as relocating rooms and kitchens?

Apartment renovation:

The renovation of the apartment has a surprising effect on its beauty. It can be said that the slightest change such as the color and the change of the interior of the apartment will create a change in the interior of the apartment. Changing the decor as a fan can help to have an apartment with a new vibe. We will let you know further about the renovation process and the refurbishment of the apartment.

Stages of building reconstruction:

Before renovating the apartment, you need to ask some common questions in this field and answer them in the following explanations. The questions are as follows:


- Which part of the apartment needs to be renovated?

- Can the owner of the apartment bear the costs?

- What will be the use of the space to be rebuilt?

- What is the style to be used in the reconstruction of the apartment?

- How much does the owner worry about the design of the apartment?

- What are the owner's favorite materials?

- What equipment should be used in the layout?


Having determined the answers to the questions, we will begin the reconstruction of the apartment. It is recommended to perform the rebuild process specifying the following priorities:


1. Kitchen renovation

2. Reconstruction of health services

3. Reconstruction of the reception room

4. Renovation of the rooms separately

Prices in apartment renovation:

Apartment renovation prices are listed on most sites by area. Now it might be a little more or less.

In these cases, it should be noted that costing on the basis of a large square meter entails.

Because the quality of the materials used, the amount of modifications and the level of work are effective. In fact, the average cost of manpower working on this project fluctuates a lot.

It is very important and necessary to make a point in this section. The people in charge of the apartment reconstruction project, especially the old apartments, should pay close attention to the upper, lower and side units in the process of doing so so that they are not damaged.

For people who want to do deep renovations in the apartment, it is recommended to make use of skilled labor. This service is performed by competent companies. Renovating an apartment If done professionally, its variety and beauty will be more than buying a new apartment.

Prices in apartment renovation:

Refurbishment of small apartments:

In small apartments, renovation is a good practice. It is also cheaper. The design in small apartments is sometimes such that it shows a smaller space after the interior arrangement. Below, we will provide information on the reconstruction of small apartments.

In small apartments, you should pay more attention to the interior design and the type of furniture arrangement, because it is one of the important and key points. There are experienced consultants and specialists in this field that people can use their layout and interior design tips. Consultation should be carried out before purchasing equipment for arrangement, because if the choice of equipment is not in harmony with the design and decoration, it can only lead to additional costs. Consultants consider special offers to change the decoration of the apartment by estimating the cost. Then they propose to the owners of the buildings and take over the execution of the project.

The internal layout of the apartment, as mentioned, is very important and it is necessary to pay particular attention to it. The proportion of color in the layout is one of the important points. For example, if the reception room has a white theme, placing a colorful sofa for the hall is an elegant proposition that can look beautiful. But if the reception hall in your small apartment has a dark wall and you put it from the royal sofa for the reception, it will have no effect.

The paint used can also be the most expensive type of paint. Furniture may come from a luxury store, but what matters is balance and fit. What is visible is not the price of the equipment, but the coordination and mutual adaptation of the equipment.

Repair of the internal structure of the apartment:

For the reconstruction of the interior of the apartment, the choice of painting the walls and the ceiling plays an important and fundamental role in the reconstruction. To cover the walls and ceiling in the apartment, anyone can use any color he prefers, he just needs to pay attention to the color and arrangement. Most Iranians prefer the white theme over other colors for their apartment because this color gives a special beauty to the apartment.

We have mentioned that the choice of color is a matter of taste, but in the choice of color one must also pay attention to the adequacy of the color and the arrangement of the furniture in the apartment. For small apartments, to look more generous and larger, it is recommended to use light colors, especially white.

Renovation of old apartments:

One of the advantages of renovating an apartment, especially an old one, is that the owners renovate it without the need to relocate. This process is also economically sustainable. Maybe that's why people want to renovate their old apartments.

The process of renovating old apartments includes replacing worn-out cabinets, changes in the kitchen structure, changes in interior decoration, painting the walls and in some cases installing wallpaper, repairs of bathrooms and toilets, doors and windows . Indeed, performing each of the above depends on how much the apartment needs to be replaced and rebuilt.

As mentioned, small apartments are advised to use lighting in the renovation to have more effect and look bigger. To do this, people can use artificial lights inside. The choice of carpet is also of particular importance because the large carpet is not a good offer for small apartments. It is best to consider unplanned carpets for the overall apartment space first, then use small rugs on the carpets. Using this type of arrangement will free your small space of frustration.

For people who have apartments with short ceilings and little space, it is recommended to use curtains that have a neutral color and a simple design.

Apartment renovation company:

These companies are responsible for providing advice in the field of retreading. As for the estimate of the cost in proportion to the use of the materials and accessories of the apartment, the consultants can communicate the suggested price and the percentage of error. Entrusting the reconstruction project to the competent companies will be effective in saving and reducing costs.

As mentioned, the use of apartment wall coverings is one of the options for interior renovation, the implementation process of which is carried out by renovation companies. Considering the interior of the apartment and studying and researching from experienced experts and designers, this group can propose a quality and appropriate wall covering and undertake its executive operations.

Before selecting and carrying out any project for the apartment, it is necessary to first look at the previous installed examples, and then install new wall coverings.

Apartment renovation company:

Measures in apartment renovation:

To carry out the rebuild process, it is first necessary to determine the priority for the renovation so that the project can continue with a more favorable process. For example, if bathrooms and toilets are to be renovated, the defective valves must first be replaced by inspection experts and then proceed with the renovation process.

It can be said that one of the most common steps to renovate a bathroom based on priorities is to first insulate the walls and floor of the bathroom. After this step, the faulty and rotten pipes need to be replaced. The bathroom floor also needs to be replaced.

Many creative ideas can be considered for the renovation of bathrooms and toilets that make the interior beautiful and elegant. To do this, you can create appropriate projects. For example, to create variety in the bathroom or toilet, you can design a photo of a natural vase in its decoration. Depending on the taste, the variety in the choice of design can be different as long as it fits the space.

Renovation and renovation of kitchens, apartments:

The kitchen is important because it plays an important role in beautifying the apartment.

In the renovation and renovation of the kitchen for small apartments, it is recommended to use open because it makes the kitchen space seem larger and exposes the objects with more sensitivity in changing the decor. Several parts of the kitchen may need renovation and refurbishment, including: Cabinets that may have rusted over time and need to be replaced.

The structure of the walls may need to be modified and rebuilt due to its age. You may also need to replace valves, plumbing, floors and tiles, as it's easy to outsource the job to a renovation company.

People can get information about changes in the kitchen by visiting the decorating and remodeling sites. These sites contain useful information along with many creative and innovative ideas that people can use in the renovation.


Here are the most important points about kitchen remodeling:


1. The replacement and in some cases the location of the furniture is effective in the variety and eye-catching kitchen.

2. The people in charge of installing the cabinets should pay special attention to its height so that people can access it easily. Height and ease of access to the beauty and fit of kitchen utensils.

3. The change of the floors in the kitchen must be done as soon as possible because in this space we are dealing with more humidity and cooking fats, the pollution of this space is greater.

4. People can use the island table as a very cool and creative idea.

5. In addition to renovating walls, floors, cabinets, people can use modern and stylish furniture arrangements in the kitchen design. Only in this part, particular attention should be paid to the adaptation of the provision.