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Reconstruction services

Renovating or rebuilding a building is something that is done in the world today as a common way to make old houses look beautiful. Some houses lose their original charm after a few years and look dull, so by renovating, their appearance can be changed and the house can be refurbished in jargon.

Weak construction causes a building to be rebuilt before it can last its useful life. This is where the importance of renovation and reconstruction can be realized and special strategies can be applied to implement them.

The cost of building a building is much more expensive than the cost of its renovation, so it will be cheaper to renovate it due to economic problems. These go hand in hand to show remodeling as an important option for transforming a building.

Take a look at apartment renovations and building renovations

Rebuilding operations have two main categories:

A) Reconstruction and restoration of important parts that affect the solidity of the building.

B) Reconstruction of aesthetically visible parts

If the building you are considering is old it is important to renovate it as it will have a big impact on your health and safety. The reconstruction and restoration of the building is mainly carried out in the walls that have or have suffered cracks over time and landslides.

These walls need to be repaired first, usually the retaining walls are not destroyed in the beginning because the building pillars that make your building strong are on them and are responsible for the weight of the building structure.

What is reconstruction?

Rebuilding is often used to refurbish a building. Some experts in this field believe that the word restoration is separate from the word reconstruction. According to these people, the word reconstruction is used for buildings that have more general uses. These are buildings that do not have much historical value.

What is reconstruction?

The reconstruction is divided into two styles:

1- Archaeological or scientific style
2- Artistic or artistic style

Reconstruction in archaeological or scientific style:

All stages of the reconstruction are based on careful study in a scientific way.

In this reconstruction, the following should be observed:


1- Strengthen the building and strengthen it
2- Carrying out excavations for the foundation of the building
3- The stone facades of the building should be refurbished and the cracked parts should be hardened.
4 - The elements separated from the building must be in the right place.

Artistic restoration style:

In this style of building reconstruction, the person who wants to do the reconstruction can innovate and innovate, and the person can be innovative at all stages of the reconstruction and use their own taste and experience. The Renaissance dates back to and is also called the Renaissance style.

The reconstruction methods are divided into 4 categories, which we will explain to you below:

Protective type reconstruction:

In this method, before carrying out any work, a thorough study must be made of the building and all its features, such as the materials used. This will make the rebuild successful. After this study and research, the reconstruction will be performed on the whole building and the building is done and the general protection of that building is considered.

Reconstruction of anastylosis or style of construction:

In this method, replacement parts are placed in place of the previous worn parts. Obviously, this is done in a way that is no different from the previous shape of the building and does not create a new shape. This method is often used for crumbling historic buildings.In this method, since the previous style and harmony of the monument are important, they should be avoided as much as possible.

Renovation of the building through light cleaning:

Light cleaning or light cleaning can be defined as removing any factor causing damage to the building.In this method, connections that do not fit into the building are removed from the building.

Other points in the reconstruction of the building:

Most people like the process of renovating their apartment to be a quick and low-cost process and are looking for experts in this field who can deliver the work faster and with excellent quality. Renovating an apartment has many benefits and makes your home or workplace more beautiful. It also gets stronger as long as it uses specialized people.

Furthermore, on the subject of reconstruction, in addition to observing the points of reconstruction and repair of the building, you should also pay attention to the internal architecture of your building or home, because part of this is related to the appearance of the building and part of the design of your furniture or walls and ...

There are three concepts in architectural restoration:

1- Renovation 2- Improvement 3- Rebuilding

What is building renovation?

A set of works that replaces the old textures with new ones, which gives the building a new look

What is building improvement?

A series of measures taken in the short term to improve the shape of the building. This set of actions is divided into four categories:

1- Apartment repair 2- Protection 3- Support 4- Strengthening

Why is reconstruction important?

Preventing the progression of injuries and damage, physical factors and the passage of time cause damage to parts of the building. Repairing and changing the decoration will eliminate this damage and prevent irreparable damage, and you will have a more modern and pleasant atmosphere.

Why is reconstruction important?

Reconstruction of cooling and heating systems

After a few years of the life of each building, the heating and cooling systems must be repaired and rebuilt. Furthermore, the plumbing of the building must be taken into consideration, which wears out over time and in case of damage will cause serious damage to the residents and, if necessary, will have to be replaced. To do this, it is enough to have the necessary knowledge of the principles of plumbing.

One of the main problems is that the sanitary ware used in plumbing is made of durable materials. This makes it resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, it causes them to be covered with non-absorbent and non-encrusting surfaces. To be able to provide pure and safe water with safe reverse flow connections.

An explosion is possible when the water temperature rises too much. To avoid this possible explosion, attention should be paid to the correct installation of water heaters, while attention should be paid to packaging and other heating and storage devices.

In addition, the inspection valves used in the piping system must be installed in the required number, this helps to clean the sewer pipes when they are picked up. Sanitary sewer systems must be designed and built in such a way that they can pass through the sanitary ware without clogging solid waste and reach the desired location without obstructing its paths.

The materials used in the sewer pipes are very important. Consumables must be waterproof. Another important point is that these materials are water resistant. In addition, the resistance to vapor from the exhaust air, which is extremely harmful, must be considered. The choice of consumable material for the piping should be considered.

The execution points are very important in the installation of pipes, if quality materials are used and the installation operation is carried out by qualified persons and correctly, the desired result is achieved.

An annoying case for some residential buildings is the lack of installation or incorrect installation of the vent pipe, which causes a bad smell to enter the bathroom. In the design and installation it is necessary to take care that the polluted air does not return and the polluted air of the pipe escapes Do not go comfortably.

Sometimes the hot and cold pipes can be closer than standard and not properly insulated, which can cause the water to heat up for a few minutes when cold water is turned on.

Previously, the use of metal pipes in buildings was common, but their life is usually 10 years With the advent of 5-layer pipes that are 50 years old, their use is recommended.

The usual cooling system in Tehran is the air conditioner. In the north and south of the country, where the air is humid and the heat is high, split is used. However, split and fan coils are also used in Tehran. Heating is usually done with house engine or package It is a boiler

Office renovation

Office remodeling can have many causes. To improve the quality of service and work efficiency, it is necessary to consider revisions in various projects. Adding or subtracting rooms, changing furniture and equipment, and repairing appliances are the main factors in this review. For better customer service, it makes sense to upgrade your workspace almost every ten years to maintain your brand position.

It should be borne in mind that from the client's point of view, the dental clinic is a place where cleanliness and hygiene are its main characteristics, and if these factors are used in the decoration of the clinic, it will lead to better feedback from For example, to renovate the room Waiting One of the quickest and cheapest ways to change your living room is to use white.

The choice of living room color is one of the most important decisions you make when decorating your office. The choice of wall color attracts patients and creates a special atmosphere for your office and they talk to your patients.

Say goodbye to white for the walls. Use warm, neutral and absorbent colors that can reduce and soothe the feeling of tension and stress patients have when making an appointment with a doctor or paying close attention to all senses when designing living room décor. Just as colors can have a calming effect, music can have the same effect.

Playing soft music releases chemicals in the mind and helps the brain achieve a state of relaxation and pleasure by secreting certain hormones. Use music played with musical instruments and without words. Not only can music have a positive effect on patients, you should be happy that it has the same effect on employees.

Reconstruction of an office buildin

The renovation of the building is important because people spend a lot of time in this place and on the other hand it has a big impact on the attraction of people and customers who come to this place. The reconstruction of the office building is generally related to the renovation and restoration of the building.

The addition of new sections in the office building is one of the important cases because in some cases there are a number of suggestions for office space that are offered to the employer and if he agrees, the necessary measures will be taken in the environment. For example, one of the things that should be present in most office environments is the bookcase.

Or in some offices it is suggested to use several pots to cool and refresh the environment. All these cases are applied depending on the employer in the office environment and during the reconstruction of the office building, and also one of the other cases for the reconstruction of the office building must first subdivide all the spaces required by the employer by area and location. Ask the employer how many separate spaces he needs and how he wants these situations to be.

The most important thing is to know who will be in each of these situations. For example, the design of the place where the secretariat is located is very different from the design of the conference room in terms of the amount of lighting and the design of the walls and decoration in general.

Reconstruction of an office buildin

Stages of building reconstruction

Infrastructure in building reconstruction

Building materials have a useful life, and therefore, if the life of the structure is high, the substructure must be done before starting the rebuilding of the building. In the substructure of the building, all the plumbing systems, wiring and in general all the equipment used in the internal part of the structure are replaced and restructured.

Carpentry in building reconstruction

But in the next stage of the reconstruction of the building, it is the turn of the carpentry, which at this stage can be done in two ways. In the first method, all the steps are carried out according to the taste of the employer and the architect has no role in the design, but in the second method, all the steps are left to the construction company and the architect, but the second method will make it have better results.

A building or architectural reconstruction company that has carried out several projects so far can offer solutions that meet the principles of reconstruction based on its experience, but the employer cannot offer methods of principle to the architect due to lack of experience.

In the section of the carpentry, which is in fact the same as the internal and external surface part of the structure in the reconstruction of the building, different equipment and tools are used in relation to the use of the building. You must have come across many commercial and office buildings and have noticed that the internal and external structure of these buildings is generally different from a residential building.

Apartment renovation

The renovation of the apartment is carried out for several purposes: sometimes the apartment is not old, but the owner is interested in changes to the kitchen and furniture or in ceramics, tiles and paint.

In some cases, the reconstruction is due to the damage done to the building, which means that the reconstruction must be done in time so that this damage does not occur in the pipes and in different parts of the building. Indeed, after a few years Anything that leads to the destruction of the apartment should be prevented from happening to the life of any apartment.

Reconstruction of the facade:

What effect does the reconstruction of building facades have on the face and entrance of a city? The facade of a building has a great impact on the city as well as the alleys or streets and squares of that city. Now that we know how important and effective the reconstruction of the facade is, we should try to do it with a team of professionals to obtain a satisfactory result, to be achieved for us.

If you want to renovate the facade of the building correctly and with the correct principles, you should consider that the facade of your building should be changed according to the buildings around it so as not to destroy the harmony of the city facade or damage it. ., It is very important to know that the correlation of the facade of the building with the external space and that the visualization of the internal capacity of a building must be kept together.

Construction site reconstruction:

Houses in big cities have many advantages, but the courtyard is not one of them. Designers of densely populated cities like Tehran, when it comes to designing compact house spaces, need to consider some ideas for transforming a tight, small space into a functional and comfortable courtyard. Size doesn't matter here because there are ideas that can be used to maximize the efficiency of small construction sites.

You can create a radical change in your old backyard by making offers very simple and inexpensive and transforming it into a clean and different space.

Kitchen renovation:

If your kitchen is monotonous to you and you want to change it, you don't have to change expensive equipment, but you can change your kitchen with cheaper methods. For example, installing a new chandelier, painting the space. Kitchen, changing cabinets or even replacing cabinet doors, or using patterned glass in the kitchen can add variety to your kitchen.

Kitchens are usually available in both offices and homes. For this reason, we will explain it first. If you remember, in the past, the use of metal cabinets was very widespread and at one time it was very modern! But now mdf, wood and ک cabinets have been made which have many advantages. Or, for example, the style of old ceramics and cuts and the style of new ceramics and tiles, their design, their material and ...

Valve Rebuild:

Construction valves often wear a lot and in many cases this upsets the people in the house. Newly built valves can make their use easier and more satisfying.

Floor reconstruction:

Flooring will usually be in your living room and the most used. Of course they can break down over time or even get tired of them. During the renovation of the house, the floors will also be renovated. A very interesting thing that can be done in the meantime is to set up the underfloor heating system, which is very effective for heating the house at the lowest cost.

This system can use the heating pipes of the package to provide hot water to the house. As a result, you won't have to spend a lot of money! Hot water flowing through unnecessary walls and places can help warm your home by heating it from the floor. In this system you can also improve the cooling system of your home.

Apartment renovation

How much does it cost to renovate a building?

Due to the poor useful life of buildings in Iran, the need to repair and renovate buildings is felt every few years. Since repairing and modifying the decoration is less expensive than demolishing and rebuilding the building, we suggest you use our dedicated team.

Note two points about the cost of renovating an apartment:

1) How much money do you have for this?
2) How much money should be spent on your building, home or workplace.

Take for example an 11-year-old apartment that is not very old and does not have the problem of strengthening or retrofitting, for which most of the ancillary works for the interior renovation and renovation of the building, such as luxury, are carried out. and the change of materials, such as replacement. Mention can also be made of repairing kitchen or bathroom faucets, changing room doors or painting the house, installing fireplaces, wallpapering, changing floors and the like. Also, consider that the building is 25 years old since its construction. This building needs to be strengthened in addition to luxury and needs to be rehabilitated and the cost of its reconstruction is different from the first model

Types of building renovations

Below, we will point out some of the differences between building repairs and building renovations and luxury decoration that have general use with residential buildings.

Reconstruction of public places

In the reconstruction of a building with general use, if the plot of the building is very old and does not have modern equipment and facilities, it is done in such a way that after the reconstruction, all the facilities and equipment that a new and modern needs of construction are equipped.

The equipment that existed before the building was loaded could meet the employer's needs, but the new equipment can make work easier and also bring more well-being to staff and customers.

For example, in the reconstruction of the building, new cooling and heating systems are used, which have a higher quality and efficiency than the old systems. In addition, in the renovation and repair of buildings, each employee can have a partition as his office, which greatly increases the efficiency of work.

Reconstruction of a residential building

However, in residential buildings, it can be said that only renovation is done and there is not much change in equipment and facilities unless the employer requests that the equipment used in the facility be updated and modernized. In building repairs and in the reconstruction of residential buildings, more attention is paid to the aspects of landscaping, but in buildings of general use, as mentioned, in addition to beauty, particular attention is paid to the renovation and updating of equipment to increase the working efficiency of the staff .

Items that are important in the price of home renovation and apartment or building renovation:

1) Design a three-dimensional role before the job is done.
2) The next case is the destruction of the building and the transport of garbage.
3) The foreman or foreman and the workers must receive their wages.
4) And the next item of material needs to be purchased (before buying the material, be aware of the cost of its types) The materials have different types can be stone, wood or brick, and the cost of each is different (the materials are used for the facade)

And in the end, don't worry about your budget at all, as long as you choose Choobin Sazeh Company, you can have your dream home with any amount of money you have in mind.

Don't worry about your budget, you don't have to renovate the whole house, you can use your current budget for bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and entrance, balcony, yard, bathroom; Closets, remodel any space, no matter how small, that needs to be changed. Then move on to other spaces. Choosing Choobin Sazeh Company has the advantage of offering the best designs by yourself and with the desired budget.

The advantages of reconstruction

Create diversity and change people's moods

After a few years of building a building, some parts need to be redesigned. The reason is to create a sense of monotony and stagnation. In addition to creating diversity, home remodeling can change the use of the building or create new spaces. Choobin Sazeh Engineering Company will deliver your home to a new level with the lowest price and highest quality.

Knauf, wallpaper, painting, repair and replacement of cabinets, parquet, plastering, separation of apartment and ground, article 100, Choobin Sazeh Engineering Company with specialized personnel in the field of design and execution of all construction works began its activity since 2015 and in this short period of time it has been able to successfully complete several construction projects, from zero to one hundred construction operations, as well as demolition and reconstruction projects, and to fully satisfy the estimated client.

In achieving sustainable development, communities benefit greatly from the adaptation and reuse of buildings. The only process of demolition and reconstruction of the building makes it attractive for reuse. The environmental benefits, combined with the energy saving and social benefit of reusing valuable heritage sites, facilitate the reuse of a key component of sustainable development.

Historic buildings provide an insight into our past as we lend and serve a new practical purpose in our modern societies. An old factory can transform into an apartment complex, a wandering church can find new life as an apartment complex, or an old office building can transform into a bustling retail store. In many ways, an adaptive reuse project can strengthen the community by meeting the changing needs of the population.

In today's economy, does it make sense to build a new building in exchange for renovating old buildings and renovating old apartments? There are many considerations. It is necessary to calculate the cultural, aesthetic and cost differences of each project.

The advantages of reconstruction

How to perform the rebuild?

If you live in a house that is old or the space is uniform for you and you want to renovate or renovate it, but you don't know the process and costs of doing the job> Read this article carefully and be determined.

1. List your wishes for your new home.

Whatever you want your new home to have, write down even the smallest details, such as cabinet door handles or wall frames, etc., on a piece of paper to give you an overview of what you want to do with Your house. .

This is your home wish list and you can stick it on the fridge so other family members can see it and write the desired change under it, your home tells you what needs to change, listen to it.

2. Do research and see photos

Create a wish list of your home and search the Internet for the important ones, look at a sample and choose the one that's right for you.

3. Consultation with an architectural firm

If you are one of those people who likes to build your house with your own hands (and of course you know how to do it), get as much sleep as you want before you start, take a lot of work and roll it up your sleeves and get started because this is a time-consuming process. and time, or you can consult a specialist, consult an architecture firm and show them your wish list, selected photos and your home.

They will show you their proposals and, if you wish, a contract will be signed between you and the architectural firm. From now on, it's hard to work with them. Sit down and have a cup of tea, contact them and learn about the process.

4- Destruction of engineering and principles

After concluding the contract and its financial and temporal calculation (depending on the amount of the renovation or decoration and the supplies and equipment), the house will be delivered to you and the reconstruction operation will begin.

At Arano Architecture Office, our engineers first examine the building in terms of its structure and use the best ways of demolition and safety. Construction debris and rotten equipment are carried out of the building, we also consider the comfort of your neighbors at this stage.
+ Estimate of prices: At least 300 thousand tomans per meter of demolition and approximately 2% of the total transport cost of the project is considered.

5. Construction phase

After demolition, if the building is run down or is old and weak, we will remove them and if a structural change is needed, for example, if a wall, column or floor, knauf, wall decoration or the the floor of the house will be covered, or the heating and cooling systems and .. and the windows will be replaced, we do everything at this stage.
+ Cost estimate: Demolition and replacement of water and sewage systems, etc., depending on the amount of work and the price of the day varies

6. Additional phase

Replacement of wiring, water pipes, sewage, gas, wall and knauf paintings, installation of custom decoration and doors and lighting, etc., we proceed at this stage.

How to perform the rebuild?

Basic steps in building reconstruction:


Electrical background All lights, sockets, appliances and switches are done at this stage. New wiring goes through walls and ceilings, junction boxes are installed for new lights, electrical panels are updated to cope with heavy electricity (this is done in buildings that have household appliances New electrical is added).

At this stage, electricians make sure that all of your electrical appliances have access to these panels and comply with the area's urban building standards.


Like the plumbing, in the plumbing phase, all accessories, furniture and other appliances connected to the water are connected to the water and gas pipes. The pipes can be replaced or installed new, the bathroom floor installed and inspected, and the gas pipes can be moved, lengthened or even added.

Fireplace and air conditioning:

Unlike the previous two cases, this is the one thing that almost all the steps are performed in this part of the rebuilding of old houses. New flues are identified (bathroom or kitchen hood) and new vents are installed. Air conditioners can be replaced. The air intake and exhaust valves are installed in suitable places.

Building structures:

Execution of all insulation and plastering works of the building, sanitation and roofing of the building, repair and replacement of the hot and cold plumbing of the building, implementation of the underfloor heating system, execution of the package and installation plumber of the engine room, modification of the electricity supply and electrical system of the apartment, design and execution of internal lighting of the house, preparation and installation of iPhone video, CCTV and central antenna, alarm and remote parking door

Building decorations:

Three-dimensional interior decoration design - preparation and installation of parquet, floors, wall lights, decorative panels, wallpaper, old stone and brick - design and construction of prefabricated ceilings, stretch tiles, knauf, plaster and PVC, plasters and London works - Design and execution of Letron kitchen cabinets, all building painting services in MDF, glass and membranes, including plastic, acrylic, oil paint, multi-color Belka and Knitex, preparation and installation of ceramic tiles, porcelain valves and sanitary

Presentation of the collection

Taking advantage and relying on groups with experience in the reconstruction of residential buildings, villas, office buildings and commercial buildings, its customers in the form of building reconstruction as well as building renovation at a reasonable cost for a beautiful, functional, warm, cheerful and substantial environment.

The Choobin Sazeh Company has left many examples of its work in the provinces of Tehran and Karaj. These include residential and office projects. In the design and execution phases of the project, an attempt was made to combine the needs and desires of the employer with a modern and updated method so that the space created is optimized in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Some of our services: Demolition of the building - Reconstruction of the building - Execution of excavations and riveting - Execution of concrete and metal structures - Execution of all excavation works - Design and execution of facades - Design and execution of interior decoration - Design and execution of kitchen decoration - Design and execution of suspended ceilings - Reconstruction of office building - Reconstruction of old building - Reconstruction of commercial building and all construction business of Choobin Sazeh company with its economic code and certificate of value added, is It is possible to present an official invoice to the esteemed customers for the conclusion of a contract.

Presentation of the collection