Green wall

Everything you need to know about the green wall

Today, in addition to architecture firms aiming to win design awards, various companies also use the green wall to enhance their credibility. In this article, we will first introduce the green wall or green wall and its features, then answer the most common questions related to this category.
What is the meaning of the green wall?

A set of plants that have the ability to grow on structures that can be attached to the walls or freely, using the method of drainage and vertically is called living green walls. These walls can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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What are the ingredients of a green wall?

The living green walls contain plants that enter the growing medium and therefore, being placed on the walls of the buildings, occupying the least horizontal space, provide its green. The construction of the green walls is based on various special systems that are assembled on a structure that keeps the plants and their growing environment on the wall. Some other green walls also have a system that allows for automatic watering of plants.

Our company, with the advantage of a team of experienced experts, is able to supply and design different types of green walls according to the customer's request and other environmental factors.

The function of this type of walls, the advantages of their use in the workplace and the internal space of buildings are discussed below.
How does a green wall work?

The green wall has a skeletal structure that hangs from parts of the flowers and plants that make up this type of wall. Greenwall is very similar to real walls. The type of green wall installed can be one of the factors that influence the functioning of this type of wall. Some green walls have a manual watering system, while others have a self-watering mechanism that involves hidden pipes to keep plants healthy. As for how the green wall affects your business, it can be said that the source of this problem is the living plants themselves.

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The consumption of carbon dioxide, as well as other pollutants, followed by the return of pure oxygen, is a natural characteristic of plants. This type of wall reduces noise and increases productivity by increasing people's efficiency by accessing green space in the workplace. Indeed, green walls are the use of large volumes of plants horizontally in a small space.
Where does the story of the invention of green walls come from?

The idea of ​​living green walls was first discussed in 1938 by Stanley Hart White. After performing at du Branly in Paris, the most famous green walls, he became known as the godfather of the green wall, which led to a revolution in the field of sustainable architecture.

As a result, it was possible to restore nature to urban spaces with the help of these beautiful green walls. With the growing development of concrete forests and increasing pollution, this green wall is alive, which reverses this process. Hence the invention of this type of wall to restore natural balance.
What are the benefits of a living green wall in your workplace?

Aside from green spaces in cities, Green Wall is capable of transforming urban spaces into beautiful and pleasant environments. It also plays an important role in ensuring human health and improving air quality.

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Perché le pareti verdi vengono utilizzate all'interno degli edifici?

Queste pareti sono utilizzate per le aziende che decidono di creare uno spazio attraente e unico all'interno dei propri edifici. L'uso di piante e pareti verdi può essere considerato l'opzione migliore per qualsiasi attività che tende a utilizzare la bellezza della natura. Queste pareti possono essere un'opzione unica ed eccellente per l'uso in spazi come corridoi, atri, sale riunioni e aree di accoglienza.

Le pareti verdi possono creare un'attrazione speciale agli occhi di spettatori e clienti e lasciare una buona impressione sul posto di lavoro, con la presenza delle piante. Inoltre, una parete verde con un design biofilico può essere un fattore efficace per ridurre lo stress da lavoro, l'assenteismo dei dipendenti e, inoltre, migliorare e rafforzare la creatività e l'innovazione sul posto di lavoro.
Conosci i vantaggi visivi delle pareti verdi viventi?

Tutto nella società avanzata di oggi si basa sulle immagini e nulla può sconfiggere la bellezza, il fascino e il verde della natura. L'aspetto e la facciata dell'edificio utilizzando Green Wall in modo creativo possono essere molto più impressionanti e attraenti e aumentarne il colore e la consistenza. È possibile progettare ogni parete in un modo speciale e unico, ed è possibile creare un'arte unica e innovativa utilizzando varie piante diverse per fiori, colori e come crescono, invece di usare l'erba. mani meravigliosamente.

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Is the use of green walls useful for buildings?

As buildings are exposed to harmful temperature changes, they can shrink and expand, causing cracks and crevices or making them worse. Green walls divert water from the walls during heavy rains, protecting buildings from the sun's ultraviolet rays. They also protect the outside of the building from temperature fluctuations. Below, we try to reduce the energy costs of using green living walls.


Is it possible to reduce energy costs by using living green walls?

Urban spaces cause worrying thermal effects, which according to research are considerably warmer than rural environments, which the same increase in temperature can have many negative effects on the environment, such as increasing speed. Lead to energy consumption in the hot summer season and the creation of pollutants in the air.

This is where the benefits of living green walls come into play which can solve this problem by creating shade and reducing the effects of direct sunlight. In addition to the above, these walls do not store solar energy, unlike concrete or brick, but reflect it.

The green wall, using a process called evapotranspiration, actively cools the indoor air in the summer, reducing the need to cool the building.

However, the advantages of a living green wall are not limited to the summer season, as these panels, by insulating the building, reduce the energy consumption to heat the building space in the cold winter season.
Can Living Green Walls Reduce Noise Levels?

Plants have long been used on highways and other busy and noisy roads in all parts of European and American countries to reduce noise levels. Therefore, the use of green plants in this field can be very fruitful. Plants are able to block high frequency sounds naturally. By using a support structure next to these living green walls, the noise and noise level can be greatly reduced.

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Is it possible to increase the price and value of the property by using these living green walls?

The US Green Building Ranking System, a leader in energy efficiency and environmental design, has been able to improve the design, operation and construction of buildings by providing international LEED green building certifications. You can get this certificate valid according to special green standards for residential and commercial buildings.

The installation of these green walls inside and outside buildings according to LEED certification can reduce the need for water consumption and thus help companies to reach a sustainable solution. This can not only increase a company's asset value, but also create a better understanding of a modern carbon modified building.
Can these types of walls play a good role in employee morale in the workplace?

It is worth remembering that living close to plants will play an important role in the spirit and vitality of man. The same goes for the workplace. According to the research, there is the potential to increase job satisfaction by observing plants and the beauty of nature in the workplace. Additionally, other research in this area suggests that other effective outcomes such as improvement in coping with stress and anxiety, good emotional state, and adequate performance in carrying out tasks.

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Therefore, designing and building a beautiful and green space such as a living green wall in workplaces and companies can hold a message for their employees who work in a place that has provided them with a pleasant and beautiful space.
Different types of plants growing on green walls

Since each of the living green walls is designed to grow specific plants, not all walls are the same. For example, indoor plants in homes are tropical and are different from outdoor plants that are selected based on the climate of the area. Based on this, plants that grow in a specific climatic zone are usually selected. For example, plant growth in the north and south of the country are completely different from each other.
Growth of plant species in living green walls

Usually in the green wall several species of plants grow, which are strong and continue to grow several times. But there are also plants that are weak and decompose quickly, and if they are not watered sufficiently, they dry out because they are not compatible with the environment.

رشد گونه ‌های گیاهی در دیوار های سبز زنده

How can a green wall create a custom design?

There are various factors that affect the overall design of the walls and according to the taste of the customer and with the opinion of a professional in this field, the design is done, for example, which plants are suitable for which climate to cause Bring a special design and custom model.
Different types of green walls

There are different types of walls for different spaces. The green wall structure has the form of a panel or free wall, which is used both inside and outside the building and creates a pleasant atmosphere. In this way, the plants are removed from the desired position and placed inside the wall, which is very diverse and unique and can cover the entire surface, creating a state of life for the viewer. In this regard, there is a modular system that is widely used indoors and changes with the change of systems.

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How much does a green wall cost?

Greenwall, which is a new technology, is fundamentally expensive. But if we want to mention the cheapest case, we can mention the walls where the plants are placed in the desired places. The same goes for the modular panel system, which reduces the price of plants before they grow. Also, no special cover is created before the plants bloom.

It should be noted that in the installation of green walls, the presence of several plants is required before growth. In most systems, the plants grow for a few weeks and the costs paid by the customer are for fertilizer, maintenance, repair, transfer to the installation site and installation.
Use green walnut for food growth

In today's world there are specific systems for vertical plants and gardens and they are designed to be very suitable for growing food in a small space. However, using green walls to grow food in restaurants is not recommended. Because when plants and vegetables grow and humans cut them down after a while, there is actually a blank wall that isn't widely used in restaurants, although there's no more compelling reason not to use them.

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Where is the green wall used?

These walls can be installed in homes, new buildings, refurbished buildings, inside offices, large commercial projects and gardens. They are even connected to the outside of the buildings. Consequently, in public places, a CO2 reduction system is usually used to implement it.
Install green walls in your home

Green wall due to its particular beauty, its use is increasing and thanks to its high flexibility, this wall can be installed and performed in any environment. Therefore, it is installed both indoors and outdoors.
How to irrigate green Valerian?

Green wall design is usually done via drip irrigation, which greatly increases water consumption. For this reason it is regulated with an intelligent system capable of reducing irrigation times so that water is not wasted. This automatic irrigation system pumps water from bottom to top many times, in which there is no water left. After that, the water tank is filled and you should know that this system is very popular and has been very well received.

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How is the protection of the green wall carried out?

Maintenance of the green wall begins immediately after installation. Accurate protection is usually a difficult task. However, the initial maintenance of companies based on their experience and expertise, which is the appropriate light and the amount of water required for the freshness and prosperity of the plants, has a one-year warranty, and customers are not alone in this. We must say that the stability of the green wall depends on its protection and care, especially in the first months, which should be irrigated in the best way at different times.
Weather conditions suitable for the green wall

Since numerous special plants are used outside the buildings, Greenwalder can survive in any weather. Each place usually has its own climate. For example, the outdoor climate is different from the courtyard climate. Therefore, until the green wall is installed, the exact conditions cannot be taken into account, and this is because its protection and maintenance is very important due to the climate of the different regions.

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How old is the useful life of a green wall?

We must say that it is not clear exactly how long the useful life of the green wall is. Growth panels usually last around 25 years. But again, it cannot be said for certain that Green Wall as an advanced technology will live on for several years. They usually only get larger when their roots are out of space. So estimating their lifespan is very difficult. The fact is that plants grow in their panels for about 10 years and don't even need to be replaced. It goes without saying that in the tray method where the plants are grown, they only last a year and then need to be replace

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