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Types of waterfalls

Presentation of the waterfall and its types

Waterfalls occur in parks, indoor or outdoor, recreation areas, etc. Therefore, to change the climate of the desired location, the movement and sound of water is used. The fountains are often closed cycle and their water consumption is low and it is possible to design and build them with various materials and shapes according to people's tastes, the place of installation and the type of use.

The fountain can be considered as a very ancient type of waterfall and of various types such as falling, throwing and jumping. Fountains are usually more attractive with the help of lighting. This article introduces the types of waterfalls and its characteristics.

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Four important points in the design and implementation of a waterfall

1- It should be protected by iron nets. For this purpose, pits are dug in the bottom of the pond to install water-related equipment. These pits must be protected with the help of iron nets. Note that the nets used to prevent debris and annoying objects from entering the pond are separated by the iron grids.

2. No exposure to strong winds. Because the water loss pattern is disturbed by strong winds.

3. Do not place under a tree. Because it causes water pollution due to the fall of bird and insect droppings and the blockage of the throat and filters.

4- The source of water accumulation should have an adequate depth. The water depth should be at a constant level to reduce water consumption as well as safety concerns.

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Presentation of different types of waterfalls

Below we will introduce the types of waterfalls.
1- Fixed water fountain

The fixed type can be considered the simplest type of cascade. Because it is only capable of creating smooth and simple movement and is controlled by a stationary pump. Fixed fountain jobs based on the type of fountains used and nozzles.
2. Musical fountain and its characteristics

Today, the musical type can be considered one of the most attractive fountains. The grandeur and beauty of this type of eye attracts every viewer. Any sound can be considered for the musical type, including the sound of the Quran, cheerful and calm music.


The harmony between the sound and the rhythmic movements of the water can be considered the most important characteristic of the musical type. Unlike in the past, when there was separate programming for each music, today, with the development of technology, programming is done more accurately and there is good coordination between the music and the movement of water, and there is no need to separate programming to play each music.
3. Mobile type

The operation of this waterfall is based on the creation of movement in the visible effect of the water and can be implemented mechanically and electrically. Special and innovative designs are used in its modern type.

4. Type of wall and its characteristics

For places like hotel and restaurant lobbies, swimming pools, villas, and hanging gardens, a wall type can be a good option. It is possible to make this type of wall of small dimensions and it has lighting capabilities and its realization requires initiative and creativity.

5. Modern fountain

In a modern fountain, the soothing sound of water and the pleasant combination of light create a professional and modern decoration in your home or workplace. In this model, the water does not overflow from the main tank at all. Because this type of tank is completely sealed and does not leak, which is an advantage for this.

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6. Type of water and fire and its characteristics

Since water and fire are opposite to each other, it creates a wonderful combination that brings a special beauty and charm. In this type, as the water is rapidly ejected from the fountain, it suddenly catches fire and burns in its path, bringing the unique beauty that is created using its creative creativity.


Indeed, water and fire come together to create a great sensation for the audience and a unique feature in nature. We must say that this type is very advanced, which is also used in the musical type.
Prices of the falls on the market

In general, its price is due to a number of factors such as the design of the water circulation systems, the equipment used in it, the lighting, the size of the desired fountain and its type, which includes stone, glass, rock, etc. calculated. The fact of the matter is that its reasonable price is the criterion for attracting the customer to buy it. Sellers can also make a good profit from selling the product. Ultimately, the quality and reasonable price satisfy the customer.
Important items for buying a waterfall


The size of the fountain is selected based on the area of ​​its installation. Usually, its type of wall takes up little space and gives a special design to the environment. In fact, the fountains are available on the market in various simple shapes, class, spheres, cubes, bowls, vases and various sculptures, each of which is performed in different designs according to your taste and according to the garden or the courtyard area.

    Different models of waterfalls

Its various models are available in simple, basic, traditional, decorative and cascade. Meanwhile, its basic model creates a unique look and beauty. Indeed, its model is selected based on the place of installation.

    Their material and their quality

The fountain is made with different materials such as concrete, stone, fiberglass, ceramic and metal. Who has no financial constraints can buy the best material with excellent quality. Therefore, when choosing it, the material, appearance and quality are very important. It goes without saying that different types have advantages and disadvantages. For example, stone and concrete are very resistant. Its metal is also durable and its only drawback is rust in contact with water.

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The best place to install and run a waterfall

In choosing the desired location for the installation and construction of the waterfall, safety considerations are of great importance. You should know that the right place to place it depends on the design of the garden and yard, as well as the type of wiring and plumbing. It can also be done on stone.
Observe the safety tips when choosing a water heater

The safety of the installed fountain is especially important for children. Among the dangers that can cause irreparable damage are electric shocks and drowning, which must be done in this regard and the necessary safety.

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Protection from waterfalls

Fountains, like any other consumer device, require maintenance. For example, its metal type needs care and maintenance in cold seasons, it needs to be dried and its piping dehydrated.