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Terrace Garden

Familiar with the green terrace or the garden terrace

Due to the increasing development of apartments and urban life, what is missing more and more is the existence of green spaces. As these buildings don't even have a small courtyard, having a balcony or terrace can be their only advantage.

Of course, with a little creativity and innovation, you can turn them into a green terrace or a garden terrace. This green space will give you a feeling of vitality and vitality and will have a big impact on your mood. In this article, after stating the difference between terrace and balcony, the green terrace is presented and also how it is designed.

آشنایی با تراس سبز یا تراس گاردن

What is the difference between a terrace and a balcony?

From an architectural point of view, the terrace is a place not covered and separated from the area of the apartment. In other words, in Iranian culture, the roofless sleeping spring is called a terrace. While a small porch that has a roof and at least a view of the outside environment or in some cases is open in multiple directions, is called a balcony.

In addition to the above, in our country, the space inside a house or apartment is called a terrace or balcony, which can have multiple uses.

تراس و بالکن چه فرقی با هم دارند؟

What is the meaning of Garden Terrace?
Green Terrace presentation

To enjoy a nice and pleasant atmosphere in your apartment to spend your free time or rest, you can turn to one of the terrace design methods, namely the garden terrace or the green terrace. You will be able to create such a terrace with a few simple tasks, and you can even use the unused space on the balcony to grow vines, ivy and vegetables. Sometimes it is used to create shade on a green terrace, canopy or pergola.

منظور از تراس گاردن چیست؟

Familiar with how to design a garden terrace

Recently, a large number of companies are professionally working in the field of green terrace design. With the help of these companies, you can easily change the terrace of your villa and even the balcony of your house or apartment. If you are going to do it professionally, first of all, ask for advice from experienced and experienced designers in this field.

Recently, the most important business of engineering and architecture companies can be considered the design of terraces of apartments or villas. Below we will describe how to design and build a garden terrace.

آشنایی با نحوه طراحی تراس گاردن

Come progettare e realizzare una terrazza giardino

Società di ingegneria e architettura che stanno lavorando alla realizzazione di terrazze verdi, utilizzando diversi passaggi per realizzarlo:

1- Innanzitutto, esperti in questo campo saranno presenti nella posizione desiderata e esamineranno e valuteranno il terrazzo del tuo appartamento o della tua casa.

2. Quindi l'architetto o il designer esperto progetterà la terrazza con giardino.

3- Nella fase successiva, dopo aver concordato il design desiderato, la tua terrazza verrà modificata dal team di progettazione.

چگونگی طراحی و اجرای تراس گاردن

What are the advantages of a terraced garden?

A great advantage of the garden terrace is the creation of a pleasant and attractive atmosphere for the residents to relax and unwind. If the green terrace, like the Roof Garden, is large, it can easily be used as an ideal place for intimate family gatherings and chat with friends.

تراس گاردن چه مزایایی دارد؟

Design and construction of green spaces on the terrace of the house

In today's world, there are many developed countries whose people use the balcony to grow various vegetables and grow plants. It goes without saying that today in Iran, due to apartment living and very little green space, many people tend to use their balconies or terraces to grow and grow their favorite plants.

We must say that designing and creating a green space on the terrace or balcony of the house is a very easy task that you can use a series of creations such as climbing plants, you can decorate this relaxing space and create an extraordinary green environment. the comfort of yourself and your family.

طراحی و اجرای فضای سبز در تراس خانه

Important points for the design of a garden terrace

In the design and construction of the garden terrace, there are many influential factors that double its attractiveness. If you are looking for a very beautiful and professional design with different elements, it is best to create this beautiful space using licensed companies in this field.

You can also use the various options mentioned below to have a unique green terrace design and a comfortable place for your daily use.
Design and execution of a garden terrace using wooden flooring

You should know that the implementation of the wooden floor on the green terrace is very welcome and it is a suitable and attractive design to make a big change in the garden terrace, which is easy to clean and very durable. In addition, its top feature is the harmony with other elements of the terrace to your taste, which creates a beautiful design.

موارد مهم جهت طراحی تراس گاردن

Design using wooden railings on the garden terrace

One of the most important things in the design of a garden terrace is the use of wooden railings. In general, wooden fences, in addition to having special applications in terms of securing the green terrace, also play an important role in its beauty and attractiveness.
Use of furniture in the green terrace design

One of the most effective elements in the design and construction of a green terrace is the use of suitable furniture. Since people need a good place to sit to rest and spend their free time, furniture is the best option to meet this need. Based on this, it can be said that furniture is one of the most basic elements in the design of garden terraces.

طراحی با بهره گیری از نرده چوبی درتراس گاردن

Planter or vase design in terraced garden design

Planters or pots are usually used in the design of garden terraces for those interested in planting the desired vegetables and plants in this pleasant space. Also, using a planter or vase has a big impact on the green terrace design, which helps make the environment more attractive.

طراحی فلاورباکس یا گلدان در طراحیتراس گاردن

The use of green walls in the design of the garden terrace is effective

First of all, it should be noted that the green wall is a widely used type of wall that is widely used in the design of garden terraces and has the feature of placing ivy flowers and a variety of green plants on it. This way the garden terrace space will be much greener and livelier and cause peace and a good feeling in people.

In this regard, reputable companies with professional and experienced staff, there are throughout the country that design and execute the terraced garden in the best possible way. So, if you are looking for a beautiful and unique design, it is best to use these licensed companies so that you can create a peaceful atmosphere in your home and achieve peace.