How to design and create the landscape

To create a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere outside a villa, it is necessary to turn to the landscape, which is the art of designing and arranging different elements. Various factors such as vertical structures, vegetation, climate, land shape, water resources and horizontal structures play a key role in landscaping.

Landscape is a completely different category from garden design and its implementation for a building and a villa is considered a specialized branch in the field of villa construction in the north.

Both landscape and garden design require a lot of knowledge and experience, and both arts require different architecture. If you own a villa in the north of the country, it is best to apply now to beautify its area. You can get advice from the most experienced designers in this field, contact our experts.

نحوه طراحی و اجرای محوطه سازی

In this article, we want to talk about how to design and implement the landscape and provide complete and comprehensive information to people who decide to beautify the exterior of their villa or building and make surprising changes to it.

These people may not know exactly how much to spend and how to get started. Therefore, this article can help you in this field in the best possible way.
What is the significance of the landscape?

To begin with, we want to provide a complete and comprehensive definition of the landscape to create a better understanding of the subject in your mind. The architecture of the space and the exterior of the building is called landscaping. In other words, just as we design the interior of a building beautifully and pleasantly, we will spend the same elegance and beauty in landscaping or designing its exterior.

This will make your villa or house attractive and beautiful and you can enjoy the exterior of your building along with its interior and make the most of it. And on rainy autumn nights and beautiful summer nights, create sweet and memorable memories for yourself in this place.

Of course, to design and build this category, you may need advice and guidance to know exactly what to do in this area and through it you can make a nice and pleasant area outside your building or villa to the fullest. the possible shape.

To open your mind at the beginning of your landscaping project, we will give you some tips in this article to use the best and most creative methods to beautify your yard or garden.

منظور از محوطه سازی چیست؟

What should we do to implement the landscape?

Below we will present the elements that, using and making changes, you will be able to create the landscape in the external environment of your villa in an attractive and principled way. In other words, knowing these things, you know what elements are available in this field.

چه کاری بایستی جهت اجرای محوطه سازی انجام دهیم؟

Creating separate spaces for landscaping

You will be able to create a special design by creating separate spaces in the environment, which can be considered one of the most interesting advantages of the landscape. In this way, not only these spaces give a special effect to the desired place, but you can use them separately. Transforming a part of your garden or yard into an uneven space with special decorations can be an example of this type of landscape.
Using flowers and plants

Another factor that makes the space attractive and beautiful, and can be used in landscaping, is the cultivation of plants in harmony with the environment. To this end, it is enough to design a special and beautiful space for planting plants and, through this, carry out a project to beautify the exterior of your villa.

بکارگیری گل و گیاه

Use of pavilions for landscaping

Using a pavilion in a courtyard or garden that has a different design and you have usually seen many examples, can be considered as the most used element for landscaping.

In addition, the implementation of the pavilions in the landscape was highly appreciated. Because it creates comfort and tranquility for people and gives a special beauty and charm to the environment.

 محوطه سازی

Use the pool

Designing and building a garden or backyard swimming pool is a luxurious and attractive object for landscaping and is very popular.

If you live in a villa, one of the best things to do to beautify your garden is to build a pool of the right size for your outdoor space.
Use of the waterfall in the landscape project

In today's world, the installation of water fountains in the area is very popular and has many applications. The fountains are usually placed in the corner of the courtyard and show the waterfall in a wonderful way. Indeed, the play of water is shown in a surprising way. The musicality of the fountain by combining elements such as its lighting gives a special and pleasant effect to the space, which is very relaxing.

بهره گیری از آبنما در پروژه محوطه سازی

Design and construction of barbecues

Many people tend to dedicate part of the yard or garden to a fixed and specific place for biking, grilling, lunch and dinner. To this end, the barbecue is a great option and includes several types that you can choose according to your taste.

Consequently, the design and construction of barbecues in the landscape is welcomed by the people. If you have enough space in the yard, don't forget to use tables and chairs near the barbecue. By making this interesting plan, you can spend your family or intimate times in the best way craving food.

طراحی و اجرای باربیکیو

Use of lighting in the landscape

Landscape lighting usually complements this. Nowadays, the landscape with adequate and principled lighting looks more beautiful and attractive, which is in no way comparable to a simple landscape.

In general, lighting can be applied to any part of the landscape, which will also lead to desirable results. For example, the lighting of the entrance to the house, the lighting of the courtyard door to the front door, the lighting of the pavilion, the lighting of the swimming pool and the lighting of the main walls of the courtyard are done in landscaping, which in the end it makes it more beautiful.

The elements mentioned above are methods of making the landscape more attractive, which has a great impact on the outside of the building and makes residents enjoy the outdoor space more. In addition to the methods mentioned, various modifications and other special cases are made in the landscape such as small backyard ponds and simulated streams which are very attractive.

Here, it is worth mentioning one point, and this is the amount of your budget in the landscape, which is very important. Because if one of the above options is implemented in the landscape, then a separate cost should be considered. So it's best to first spend the amount of budget you want to spend and then consider the space available to do this to implement what you have in mind according to your taste and cost.

Try to use suitable items that make the exterior of the building beautiful and have more utility, for landscaping your home, and avoid additional items that make the area crowded and ultimately unusable, which is none other than there. will be material damage.

استفاده از نورپردازی در محوطه سازی

Summary and final word

We must say that landscape is a very specialized profession. In fact, green building architecture is very popular with building designers. Usually the green space designer works in the field of designing different landscapes, designing the garden area, selecting the decoration elements of the green space and choosing the appropriate vegetation.

Finally, it is important to remember that you can create a luxury villa and a beautiful and wonderful view by beautifying your home. In this regard, you can consult with experts and designers who are experienced in this field